"For People Who Want To Earn A Full-Time
Online, But Can't Get Started..."

DATE: Tuesday, 1:44 pm
From: Suzanne Morrison & Ken Troyer
RE: The Truth About Affiliate Marketing...

Dear Friend,

Hi, my name is Ken Troyer along with my business partner Suzanne Morrison...and today we are going to show you how you can start the same amazing journey that we both started in 2004...and what has completely changed our lives.

I'm also going to show you can start you a brand new life of freedom with affiliate marketing and turn it into a full-time income, and why you should trust Suzanne and I to guide you through this process.

So let's get started..

Who Are We?
...and Why Should You Trust Us?

Well first I want you to know how this group was started.

In the fall of 2005 I was suckered into joining a "program" (I'll spare the name) that looked very good on the outside...but was seriously misleading people on the inside.....and after about a year of wasting my money on worthless programs, marketing gimmicks, and junk advertising....I started digging deeper, and looking for the truth...

Interestingly enough, after sitting back and observing for awhile...I began to notice a few very successful affiliate marketers that were silently earning a full-time income online...

Needless to say, I started to pay careful attention to these people and began to pattern my business after them...and eventually I started to befriend myself with them and soon discovered that they were the REAL DEAL.

They were all making a full-time income online...some were earning $10k per month..and they were all doing it quietly under the radar, and most people would have never known it.

Then I had a light bulb moment...

Why not organize a private affiliate marketing coaching mastermind group...and ask them to join me in showing people the REAL TRUTH about affiliate marketing?!

...then together we can stop all the hype and lies...and actually help people understand what it really takes to earn a full-time income online.

The Response Was Overwhelming
...People Came in Droves

I had hit a nerve without really trying, and people were ready for REAL, GENUINE, HONEST mentoring and support.

To make a long story short...I convinced some people to join me in starting a private affiliate marketing coaching mastermind group online where they would teach members the truth...and members would have the privilege of getting affiliate marketing coaching from REAL PEOPLE, who are having REAL SUCCESS...RIGHT NOW.

Six months later we launched our first mastermind group...and the response was overwhelming. In fact, the response so huge we had to actually close our doors to new members for a few weeks just so we could handle the workload of working with the first group.

Since then a lot has changed and we've improved our system dramatically...and we have now turned the whole mastermind into a simple, affordable training SYSTEM that will help you learn affiliate marketing and stay MOTIVATED to achieve your financial dreams.

Our main focus is wrapped up in 3 of my personal goals...

1.) AFFORDABLE TRAINING: Personal one-on-one coaching usually starts around $1,000/mo...and so it is often not affordable for many people. The way we setup APG, we can offer it for only $19.95/mo. and still give you everything you need to become successful in Affiliate Marketing. In fact, you'll be surprised at how much stuff we give you.

2.) WEEKLY MOTIVATION: Suzanne and I both know from experience how hard it is to keep a full time job and do affiliate marketing at the same time. So we've developed a system where you will get an email each week with a PDF attachment, giving you a 2 page SUMMARY of what you should this week. This keeps you motivated, and focused.

3.) NEWS YOU CAN TRUST: Each month on the 15th, I publish a unique digital newsletter for our members. This newsletter is designed to keep you up to date with all the changes that happen in the affiliate marketing industry. While the foundation of affiliate marketing never changes, technology and SEO does! Once you get into this business, you'll find out that things are constantly changing (especially Google), and it can be overwhelming to a beginner to filter through all the news and try to figure out what is important, what works now, and what should I change. Fortunately for you, Suzanne and I do all that for you. We've both been in this business since 2004, so we know the people you can trust, and know where to find answers to stay smart. Then we put this all in a monthly newsletter and email it to you each month on the 15th. You'll love this!

Who Is This For?

Our program is anyone who wants to learn affiliate marketing, stay motivated to reach your goals, and ALWAYS be on the cutting edge of what's going on in the affiliate marketing world.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER...and by joining us, you'll always be the smartest person in the room when it comes to online marketing.

If any of these 3 appeal to you, then this is for you.

1.) SKIP THE FLUFF, GET THE TRUTH: The Affiliate Power Group is primarily for people who are frustrated with all the HYPE and lies, and are looking for REAL affiliate marketing training...and are SERIOUS about building a long-term business online. So regardless if you have a website or not...and regardless if you are in MLM, or affiliate marketing...we can help you get on the right track.

2.) LEARN TO USE THE POWER OF GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, & TWITTER: All three of these giants can give you free traffic...and when you get free traffic to your affiliate offers, your profit goes up, and you make a LOT more money. We are experts in getting high rankings in the search engines (especially Google)...and if you have an existing website online already, and you just need some advice on how to get FREE traffic, then we can definitely help you. Our training covers it all.

3.) KNOW WHO YOU CAN TRUST: The internet is loaded with all kinds of people promoting all kinds of programs...and unless you are experienced, and stay in tune with the affiliate marketing world, you will get lost and run over...and WASTE a lot of money. We take pride in being honest, candid, and upfront. Each month we'll give you a report on what's going on "out there" and who you can trust...and what you should be doing RIGHT NOW.

If you're like most people, you probably said yes to all three.

And interestingly enough, if you have all 3 of these, you've got everything you need for success. And, I can assure you, you'll be miles ahead of where I was when I first started.

The Secret To Success...

The truth is, success in this business is hard work...just like any other business. If you aren't willing to dig into this business with some of your own self will-power, then you may as well keep your job.

The biggest lie "out there" is that you can simply plugin and profit without doing any work, or learning anything new...that's pure B.S. might get lucky and be at the right place at the right time, and you might be able to jump on some new marketing fad, and make a few quick bucks....but nine times out of ten, the "fad" is quickly saturated and is destroyed by unethical marketers.

That's called a "fad"...not a business.

...sadly, the truth is, far too many people get caught up in the moment and jump from one fad to another, hoping to find that magic program, and believing the lie because it sounds so good.

The problem is...most people lose focus and don't know the real blueprint of success. (or else they forget)...and usually end up spending themselves further into debt than they were when they started.

It's a crazy cycle that kills success...and unless you find a way to stop it, it will force you to keep that day job for the rest of your life.

So What's The True Answer
To Long-Term Success?

According to a study (7 years of research, and 500 interviews) done by a proven entrepreneur by the name of Richard St. John...success comes from 8 different traits...

Now I can guess what you're thinking...

Wow Ken...that's easy for you to say!...but it's not so easy to do when you've got a full-time job, and a family to support.

Don't worry...I understand. (don't forget that I was once in your shoes too) I know exactly what it's like to hold a full-time job and do affiliate marketing at the same time...and Suzanne does too...

...that's what makes us special! We are NOT "gurus" with a corporate office, employees in a call center reading from a script. Nope...we are actually living and breathing this stuff everyday, and we do it from the comfort of our own homes...

So I'm sure by now you're thinking..."How can I become successful like you are?"

Don't Worry, That's Exactly Why We
Created The Affiliate Power Group!

The Affiliate Power Group is your 'energy drink' for your affiliate marketing life. We keep you powered up, inspired, and motivated to continue even when you lose sight of your original goals.

We give you a private place where you can take your time and learn at your own pace.

We are a place where you will get up to date news and information on whats working RIGHT NOW!

...a place where you can learn how to rank high in the search engines, and get FREE traffic to your website on a daily basis.

...a place that you know you can trust because we've been doing this since 2004...and we know the affiliate marketing industry like the back of our hands.

...a place where we will help you with the 8 traits of success. We will help you find your passion, get to work, stay focused, push you, give ideas, improve your website, teach you to serve others, and ALWAYS persist......even if you feel discouraged. (and believe me, it happens to all of us)

So Why Are We Doing This?

First and foremost, I'm just tired of watching people take advantage of beginners...and I want to provide a VERY AFFORDABLE place that people can call 'home' where they can always TRUST us knowing that we share only the TRUTH.

Secondly because I love to see real life success stories from people who started out just like me, with nothing...and worked their way into earning a full-time income...or even just a part-time income...whatever it is, helping people learn affiliate marketing is extremely rewarding to me, and I enjoy doing it.

Finally...I just want to show the world that there are still some honest people left who care about the success of others.

Let's Take A Peek Inside...

Member Testimonials

"...a Huge Difference"

"For the last month and a half I have gone from 2 and 3 people joining my newsletter a day to an average of 20 a day. Not because of my brilliance but because Ken gave me a simple suggestion on my leads ad which has made a huge difference.

I also just checked and I am showing up all over the place for long tail key words and some of my lesser keywords, because I was lucky enough to realize I had no time to write so I outsourced to Jeff S (best decision I could have made).

-Mark Babcock, USA

"...I See Results"

GT Bulmer"I have been following the Mentors of the Affiliate Power Group membership site since before the APG was introduced and when I apply their marketing recommendations, I see results. One example is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

There is still more that I need to do, but even after applying just the basics of SEO, I have experienced a notable improvement in my search engine standings and I have seen my traffic statistics improve."

-GT Bulmer, Canada

"I'm Totally Speechless..."

"I'm totally speechless, I've been with the Affiliate Power Group for a very short time and I must tell you, the value I've received from this membership is second to none.

Now they have done it again! They've just created these professionally designed niche websites already loaded and monetized ready to go. All you need to do is get targeted traffic to these hot websites and you can earn income immediately.

Even though I'm shocked, I'm not surprised because they have continued to give this kind of value from the start. I just want to thank the mentors at the (APG) for all they've done and continue to do for us."

- Truby Johnson, Tampa, Florida


David HurleyJust a note to say a BIG "THANK YOU" for building a fully-functioning Wordpress niche site and then installing it for me at no extra charge. I have been meaning to get this site up and running for several months but never found the time.

Considering the high quality of the website design and layout, plus the unique content and the affiliate products you added, quite frankly I think you must be barmy to charge so little for the service!!

Your service was fast, friendly and efficient so I'll definitely be recommending you.

- David Hurley, Japan

...I've Already Made A Sale!

John McRaeI just wanted to say thank you mentors. The APG has been an incredible value with all the information and personnel mentoring. I joined your group less than a year ago and with the knowledge I've gained my business has begun to take off.

Now with the offering of unique niche websites professionally designed , easily modified and ready to make money I am totally amazed.

In less than one week ,using the knowledge I've gained from you, my new niche site is already page one on Google for my selected keywords and I've already made a sale!

Thanks again

- John McRae, Florida, USA

"This makes it way to easy!!"

Jim SuzakEasy! Fast! Easy! Comprehensive! Easy! Quality! Easy! These are just few of the words to describe your niche website that the mentors at the Affiliate Power Group will create for you.

You choose your niche, and the group will come up with a site that is not only appealing, but have great quality content also. They are totally committed to making this the easiest website building and money making experience that you will ever have. This makes it way to easy!!

Thank You!!
- Jim Suzak, Michigan, USA

"...Online Integrity, Honesty, Selfless Generosity, Sincerity and a Genuine Work Ethic...

Ros Bott

When I decided to get into the world of internet marketing, my one concern was whether I would be able to find the kind of integrity and straightforwardness that I believe to be so important in any area of life. However, I need not have worried.

The mentors of the APG lead the field in online integrity, honesty, selfless generosity, sincerity and a genuine work ethic that inspires all its members. I feel truly honored to be a part of this group.

The ideas they come up with to help members achieve success never cease to amaze me.

For sheer, tireless support and a passion for this industry, as well as their excellent personalized advice and friendly communication, I would not hesitate to recommend this service to anyone who is aiming to make money on the internet.

- Ros Bott, UK

"Above and Beyond My Expectations"

Leon BowesWhen you make the leap to join a mentoring group like the APG, you often wonder if you will ever get your money's worth for your investment. Well I can truly say that the mentors at the APG have gone above and beyond my expectations.

The Website I bought at a ridiculously low price is awesome.

It is professionally developed and even comes with easy to understand and follow instructions to help those of us not familiar with Wordpress. Thanks again for your dedication to helping others succeed on the Internet.

- Leon Bowes, Oklahoma, USA

"They Honestly Want to Help Beginners Get STARTED"

Charles Boustany The Affiliate Power Group have surpassed all my expectations and have now come up with a ready to go affiliate website covering proven red hot niches in the Love, Wealth and Health markets.

The mentors' ethos is that they honestly want to help beginners get STARTED and have a burning desire to help you MAKE MONEY. So if you are serious about making money but you have not got the time or maybe the expertise to build a niche site and set it up ready to promote and monetize then investing in the APG offer is a no brainer.

- Charles Boustany, UK

"The Affiliate Power Group is The Real Deal..."

Matt BelockI have come across many opportunities which turned out to be false claims. The Affiliate Power Group is the real deal, there is no beating around the bush. It is right to the point and they helped me understand what works and what doesn't.

Being taught by 3 very successful mentors speaks for itself. It was a no brainer when my decision came to joining. Not only are they helping with my business they have helped open my eyes to become a leader in many aspects.

- Matt Belock, USA


"The tutorials on keyword research are excellent here in the APG and the very best I have seen. Many other places have made this very complicated, confusing and hard to understand. Thank goodness of for the good resources here!"

- Teresa Rose, USA

"No Pressure..."

"The "No Pressure" experience I am having so far is by far the most significant for me. I am not being chased,there are no targets being pushed upon me.....this is good. In this environment I will be successful."

- MacDonald G.

How's Our Reputation?
Here's A Screenshot from IM Report Card...

35 People Think We Are Awesome! ;-)
(yes, we're just a wee bit proud of this)

So...What Exactly Is Included Inside?

The AFFILIATE POWER Report (delivered monthly by email): The internet is constantly changing, and if you don't stay on top of what's going on, your business will die quickly. The problem is, if you're new to this's impossible to know WHO you can trust, or to keep up with the important news. With our monthly AFFILIATE POWER Report, you'll stay on the cutting edge of WHAT'S WORKING NOW. Suzanne and I have been doing Affiliate Marketing for over 7 years now...and we keep a very close pulse on what's going on in the market and then we share it with you. We watch everything from new product launches, Google updates, laws and regulations, money scams, and anything important that you should know as an affiliate marketer. We cut through all the hype and give it to you straight...the good and bad. This report alone is worth MORE than the cost of your monthly membership fees.
(VALUE: $150/mo.)

WEEKLY ACTION SHEETS: During your first 5 months of membership, we will send you a PDF by email each week to MOTIVATE you and keep you FOCUSED. Suzanne and I both know how hard it is stay focused when you have a a job, a family, a life to live, and an online business at the same time. So we've setup our program help you STAY FOCUSED. Each week, we send you an email with a very SIMPLE, TWO PAGE checklist PDF of things you should do that week to build your business. We keep everything very organized and easy to understand. These PDFs will be emailed to you, and also posted in the members area each week. This will help you take action each week, and keep that dream alive! You will love this feature.
(VALUE: $100/mo.)

A STEP BY STEP ACTION PLAN that teaches you how to go from a complete newbie to a profitable website owner. We'll give you exact blueprints for finding a profitable niche, creating your site and getting thousands of visitors and sales. We specialize in getting free traffic from Google, so most of our methods are things that you can do for free. Everything is broken down in steps, so you can work at your own pace. Plus, we have a plethora of training tutorials in our Learning Center to back it all'll be stunned at how much training we're giving away.
(VALUE: $150)

LEARNING CENTER WITH VIDEOS AND TUTORIALS: - literally hundreds of affiliate marketing help topics covering many different subjects including article marketing, pay per click advertising, SEO, Webmaster basics, WordPress and more. We are constantly adding new content and videos to this section and you can request anything that we don't already have. Whenever you have a question, you just login and browse our learning center. We are always adding new tutorials & videos to learning center, so you'll never have to buy another training course again!
(VALUE: $300)

STEP BY STEP WORDPRESS VIDEO TUTORIALS: - This is a series of 36 super high quality videos, that will allow you to watch over our shoulder as we teach you how to use WordPress with real demonstrations. These WordPress video tutorials will show you step-by-step all the basics as well as the shortcuts. All these WordPress video tutorials were created with the absolute beginner in mind, so you'll never feel like you're listening to a bunch of geek speak.
(VALUE: $100)

NEWBIE CPA PROFITS VIDEOS: - CPA stands for "Cost Per Action". This is one of the many methods of affiliate marketing. In this method, advertisers are happy to pay YOU anywhere from $0.50 to $15, $20, $30 or even more when your traffic/visitor takes a specific "action" such as filling in a First Name and Email Address into an opt-in box, which is totally FREE to do. And the reason this method is so attractive to Affiliates is because you don't have to "sell" anything to get PAID, you just have to get people to complete an action! This video course walks you through every step, start to finish!

(VALUE: $100)

35% DISCOUNTS on our WordPress Niche Affiliate Websites - If you want a ready made niche site to start promoting straight away, then these professionally designed and monetized Wordpress sites are perfect for you. We normally sell these at $97 per site, but as a member of the Affiliate Power Group you can purchase a site at 35% off, including installation, user guide and embedded with your own affiliate ID.
(VALUE: $33)

MARKETING WITH TWITTER VIDEOS: - is a social media giant that has absolute exploded since it's launch...and millions of people are using it everyday. Whenever a site like this becomes wildly popular to the masses, it gives us marketers an easy way to leverage our advertising, and gain exposure. In this twitter video series we will introduce you to twitter, show you how to use it with other applications, how to entice and get more followers fast, how to setup your landing page, and how to leverage Twitter giveaways.
(VALUE: $100)

So What's ALL This Worth?

But You Can Join Us Today For ONLY $1...

Yes, you heard me right. You can join us today for a measly $1 and get access to the members area for a full 14 days before you decide if you want to stay or not...and if you decide to stay, it's only $19.95 per month thereafter.

That's about $0.67 per day...and if you're like most people, you'd spend MORE THAN THAT on coffee and soda each day. So do yourself a favor and INVEST in yourself...if nothing else, consider us your KNOWLEDGE club where you can always get the truth, and up to date information that you can trust.

As soon as you are inside, you will have full access to all the training material, all the videos, all the downloads, and all bonuses.

I'm so convinced that you'll absolutely love this private power group that I'm willing to make this a complete no-brainer...I'm giving you a full 14 day trial for ONLY $1 just so that we can have the chance to show you around...and let you see everything first hand for yourself before you spend more money. Of course, I think after you've seen the inside, you'll want to stay with us for years to come, but we're willing to take ALL the risk.

If you like do nothing, and your subscription will continue to run for ONLY $19.95 per month for as long as you wish. (you won't find value like this anywhere else) If you don't like us (which is rare) can cancel your subscription anytime with a quick email to our support desk...and KEEP EVERYTHING you gained with no strings attached.


Ken Troyer & Suzanne Morrison

P.S. Remember, one of the biggest benefits of the Affiliate Power Group is the monthly report where Suzanne and I give you a full run down of what's going on "out there" in the affiliate marketing world. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER...and as a beginner you need us on your side to help you stay on the RIGHT track, stay motivated, and keep your dreams.

If you try to do this on your own, I can promise'll waste a LOT of money on gimmicks, trends, and fads. We'll teach you how to build a REAL SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS...and we'll do it in a way that won't overwhelm you.

And for $ really have nothing to lose. Why not give us a try and see how you like us? We give you a 14 day trial for $1, then only $19.95 per month thereafter. You can't find VALUE for the price like this ANYWHERE else.

Click Here To Join Us For ONLY $1 (for 14 Day Trial)

...then ONLY $19.95 per month!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why only $1, whats the catch?

No catch, we just want you to try us out. We are pretty sure you'll love it once your "inside", so we're willing to take this risk.

Question: How long does it take to earn some money?

This really depends on how diligent you are with your weekly assignments, what niche you choose, and how hard you work. For some people, it "clicks" and they start earning quickly...for others, it takes more time to learn. It varies from person to person.

Question: What's the biggest benefit of the Affiliate Power Group?

The biggest benefit is the ongoing, UP-TO-DATE information, news, and tips that we provide in our monthly report. Smart people know that knowledge is power, and being on the cutting edge of technology is key to success!

Question: What if I have questions about the training after I join?

We have a helpdesk to answer all questions. Most of the time Suzanne will answer these on a daily basis. You are never alone.

Question: I'm clueless when it comes to building a website, can I do this?

Yes, you can. Ken started out completely clueless too, and he learned everything from trial and error. The training we have on Wordpress will put you MILES ahead of most newbies. Wordpress is perfect for beginners to learn, and perfect for you to start your own website. It's a fun, learning experience.

REMEMBER: The only way you can lose here is if you walk away empty-handed... This really is the best, most affordable way to learn affiliate marketing without paying a fortune.